Istio Service Mash: Ingress Traffic

I spent some time to find out how to enable TLS for all of my Kubernetes services, which are available on my website. Many of the pods reference reverse-proxy functionality for TLS termination. This would require additional pods running Nginx (reverse proxy) having a maintained TLS certificate for the same domain (* Next to inbound traffic, I focus on TLS communication between pods only.

Web Token Technology

Currently many startups start to play with API Services, which stands for Application Programming Interface. It's basically interfaces to consume services of provided by people or companies. There are some common formats used nowadays, such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and ReST (Restfull State Transfer). Let's first discuss the differences between those key terms for services:


JavaEE vs Spring Framework

Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) Architecture

Java Enterprise Edition Architecture is a specification for software architecture for enterprise context. Therefore the following functionality is in-focus:

  • Web applications
  • Transaction security
  • Administration of users and data
  • High availability
  • Load safety
  • Corruption security
  • Scalability
  • Cearly defined interfaces
  • Modular components


Application Gatekeeper: Netflix Zuul

There are many approaches available for gatekeeping. For instance Amazon WebServices (AWS) offers  functionality for load balancing, even accross regions or countries. Some scenarios require further functionality for gatekeeping; especially when load and routing becomes part of such requirements. Therefore I would like to distinguish between pure load balancers - such as in AWS -  and real gatekeepers like Netflix Zuul.

Web Development: AngularJS and ReactJS

Angular and React are two famous JavaScript toolings for interactive web development purpose. While Angular is a framework, React is just a library.


React (Library)

React is a library which can realize the View component of a Model-View-Controler (MVC) approach. Each front-end site contains a physical Document-Object-Model (DOM), which is virtualized by React to manipulate and interact in a fast manern. It's based on JavaScript XML (JSX) and HTML.


Operations: TightVNC Setup

Unattended servers normally do provide a minimum set of applications to avoid security vulnerabilities due large amout of software. In some cases people still want to install a remote User Interface (UI) session to those servers to play around with technology. There are multiple tools which can be utilized:

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is the next level of software development. The classical appraoches via tabulators, procedural or object based programming will be replaced with a new paradigm called cognitive computing. It can be seen as a new discipline, opening new possibilities for business and IT, connected to the currently joung generation of people. They are used to mobile devices, support chats and phone bots. Old channels like classical support is not always expected anymore as it is too slow in some scenarios.

Service Operations: Simian Army

Netflix once introduced a pattern to increase quality within their deployment pipeline via a pattern called Simian Army. This pattern is also known as Chaos Monkey Army, as it highly depends on components, which create failures on application and environment basis and therefore generate chaos and instability through unknown ad-hoc failure scenarios. These components are named "monkeys", as it fits into the common understandment of monkey humor.