About me

Hello Visitor!

I don't know how you might have found your way to these pages, but I am glad to welcome you here. My name is Fabian Schrödter, and I would like to share my experiences, knowledge and best practices with you and other people around the world. It would be glad if it helps you or another person out of some dead-end situations or support you on your personal career.

I once studies Business Informatics within the Corporate State University Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim through IBMs University Programs. During those times I was lucky enough to find my path through IBM, which opened an opportunity to widen my view on companies, their structures and correlations at departement level. In most companies your gathered networks are the most important goods you have. They decide about success or failure; even when you switch one between companies.

After my studies I went over at IBM Software Services for WebSphere (ISSW) which has been renamed to IBM Cloud and might already have a new name, as IBM is re-inventing itself to stay on track with the groth places of the human economy. I enjoyed several years with IBM BPM (formerly Lombardi TeamWorks) and IBM ODM (formerly iLOG JRules) technology, next to WebSphere Middelware. Within several roles and projects I gained experience in system architecture and software design.

As I gathered many technical and architectural skills, I moved to Lufthansa Industry Solutions, for enriching my knowledge with more business related skills, such as management and project management. I intend to create a wide knowledge to keep the big picture in mind while fulfilling my role, such as business objectives and return on investments.


You can find more details about me on XING and LinkedIn. I would be glad to hear from you in case of feedback or suggestions. Another option is to meet me on Skype.