Monitoring Repository

Monitoring Repositories, as I mentioned one within DevOps Services, are a crucial part of application management in modern systems. Even older or legacy systems can leverage benefits out of a clean, separate system for monitoring, application audits and event connectivity.

There are several stacks available to fulfill this duty; one of them is Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK), which is running on the Apache License 2.0. A brief overview for the license is also provided by the Apache Software Foundation. The single components have the following responsibilities within the stack:

  • Logstash
    Processing incomming logs.
  • Elasticsearch
    Store of logs.
  • Kibana
    Web interface for searching and visualizing logs. It is normally proxied, e.g. via Nginx.
  • Filebeat
    Agent, running on clients, which sends logs to Logtash via the lumberjack networking protocol.