IT Infrastructure Library

Since I studied, I noticed that IT is considered as a service, which is provided to the business by identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services. The aim of these services is to support business decisions and aims through orientation on the business. The IT itself therefore must be an organization, which can scale based on the business requirements; within controllable parameters, while providing a defined quality of service. Axelos ITIL 2011 provides a framework which supports IT organizations to support their business through:

  • Manage business risk and service disruption or failure
  • Improve and develop positive relationships with your customers by delivering efficient services that meet their needs
  • Establish cost-effective systems for managing demand for your services
  • Support business change whilst maintaining a stable service environment.


These pages contain some of the defined roles and processes for a quick check-up, like a dictionary. Please keep in mind, that ITIL is a framework; the actual requirements in organization normaly vary around the given best practices. However, if you are seeking for guidance, remembering the ideas of ITIL might support you.